Cutting machine Servo CUT CAM
Fast electro-pneumatic cutting machine controlled by a micro-processor for precise cutting of materials which can not be processed on a customary machine

Exammicro-processor controlled cutting machine (camera cutter)ples of application
The machine can be used for cutting plastic materials with optically significant surface such as convoluted tubes with technical connecting pieces which can be detected by a camera system. The processing diameter ist between 5 - 35 mm depending on the material guide tube.


• The machine is equipped with a micro-processor control unit which is able in connection with
 a processor-controlled camera to detect the product within a few miliseconds, to measure its position
 and to evaluate the data so the AC-servo drive positions according to the customer's requirement

• Teach-in point of technical connecting piece at the beginning or at the end per length can be chosen

• The programme permits the entering of 20 different lengths, 20 different lengths of connecting pieces,
 20 different waste pieces and 20 different taught-in geometries of connecting pieces

• Choiche of language: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese


• Via the software the required length, speed, length of technical connecting piece, number
 of pieces, length correction of connecting pieces, of batch length and
 waste batch length are programmed

• The adjustment values can be changed during operation

• Memorizing of the programmes with all necessary data indexed by a 16-digit item number
 (Capacity of memory: approx. 128 MB)


• Solid parallel driven belt feed, supported by three or five rollers (width: 45 mm) which is driven
 by an AC-servo positioning drive

• Installed camera after the belt drive and directly before the cutting and clamping units

Cutting unit
There is the choice between three model variations that differ in their cutting unit:

• Cutting unit with guillotine for diameters from 5 mm - 15 mm
• Rotary cutting unit for diameters from 10 mm - 35 mm

Technical specifications

Power supply:		220/230 V (auf Wunsch 110 V)

Watt cunsumption:	approx. 500 W

Air pressure:		6 bar

Noise emission: 	less than 75 dbA

Height:			670 mm

Width:			700 mm

Depth: 			690 mm

Weight: 		approx. 80 kg 

The machine is conform with the present and current CE-guide lines.
Subject to technical alterations