De-reeler with motorised axle for prefeeding cords and other materials without any traction


PFA-115 Basic speed adjustable by using the potentiometer

• Maximum speed freely programmable

• Acceleration and brake ramps freely programmable

• Accident prevention by torque limitation, electrically
  programmable, mechanically adjustable

• Start-Stop operation via external machine signal

• Free signal from and to other machines

• Short-circuit-proof motor regulation

• Analog-entry for light sensor controlling



 • RS interface

 • Foot

Technical specifications

Power supply:        220/230 V
Watt consumption: 200 W
Revs:                     0 - 200 rpm
Drum:                    Weight up to 15 kg
max. Ø 350 mm
max. width 300 mm

Diameter of shaft: 18 mm
Length of shaft:    Model A = 350 mm
                             Model B = 450 mm
                             Model C = 550 mm

Total machine weight: approx. 20 kg
Dimensions (machine casing): Height: 290 mm
                                                Width: 270 mm
                                                Depth: 360 mm


The machine is conform with the present and current CE-guide lines.
Subject to technical alterations