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PC Kit
for TEKUWA cutting and stripping machines with AC servo drives


The TEKUWA PC Kit permits to operate a TEKUWA machine (f.e. SC 30) from an external PC.

• Screenshot GUI

System requirements:

• A customary PC equipped with:

 - 128 MB RAM

 - 50 MB of HDD space

 - Resolution 1024 x 768 or higher

 - one free RS 232-2 slot at COM1

 - Operating system Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  (other systems possible on request)

 - Cable item n° 6301 (Null Modem Cable)

 - CD-ROM Drive (for installation)

 - Installation CD for software visualization

• A TEKUWA machine (with AC servo drive) equipped with:

 - PC connection cable internal, item n° 6300

 - Special TEKUWA control software


• GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Windows XP or 2000

• Operational features:

 - Create and edit item and job programmes

 - Transfer programmes to your machine

 - Online remote control of an item or job

 - File import and export to PC

 - Memory exchange from PC to machine and vice versa