Drum flyer FL800
Passive de-reeling unit ideal for de-reeling flexible cables

• At high de-reeling speeds or speeds of
  up to 4 m/sec the drum itself is not accelerated





Mode of operation

To load the de-reeler the drum flyer is placed uprightly by 90°.

After removing the bottom protection plate it is possible to move the drum on the front side onto the shaft by using a jack lift.

After placing the de-reeling unit back into horizontal position and after clipping on the flyer, the de-reeling unit is ready for operation within a few minutes.

Now the cable is decoiled by the flyer rotating about the drum and is pulled off via the discharging tube installed above.

Technical specifications

Drum diameter: 1000 mm

max. Length:     2000 mm

Width:               1000 mm

Height:              1105 mm


The machine is conform with the present and current CE-guide lines.
Subject to technical alterations.