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Company Holidays

Our company will be closed from 31/07/17 up to and including 18/08/17.

For urgent inquiries for spare parts and support there will be an emergency service which can be contacted by email info@tekuwa.de.


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At the end of 1991 Mr. Ulrich Wagner founded the today's TEKUWA GmbH.
In 1993 the field of manufacturing machines, special machines and machine lines with their own production program for working wires, cables, etc. was integrated into the TEKUWA and was constantly extended.

Today the company TEKUWA puts at the customer's disposal an extensive product program right around cutting and combined cutting and stripping machines with the corresponding accessory units for automatical prefeeding, de-reeling, stacking and coiling.


Today TEKUWA GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of cutting and stripping machines.

TEKUWA's customers are cable manufacturers worldwide, suppliers of the automobile and electrical industry and in the field of plastic tubes and profiles suppliers of the medical industry and plastic extrusion.